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About Us

We are passionate engineers for passionate projects。

Our custom software development team of over 250 talented programmers, artists, and project managers are here to deliver results.

We’ve created a wide variety of projects spanning interactive augmented reality experiences to enterprise-scale cloud storage solutions.

To build a stellar piece of software, you need to utilize multiple development technologies. Some are great for designing the frontend, but others are ideal for backend work. Our experienced team can direct to the best technologies for your specific project needs.

What We Do


Discover what the future holds for you. Get an insight on what to expect for love, work, wellbeing and good fortune for today, tomorrow, the week or in 2022 with daily horoscopes app. Follow your zodiac sign and observe horoscopes of friends and loved ones'.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is easy, its for everyone. Congrats for looking for meditation. Bring happiness and joy into your life through a new path of mindfulness meditation, with just a few minutes a day with the Lojong app. Mindfulness meditation brings a complete transformation of the mind. 

Water Reminder

My reminder is an award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker. But MyTherapy is more than a free medication reminder: Combining a pill tracker, mood tracker, and a health journal, e.g. with a weight tracker, this medication reminder app allows you and your doctor to put your treatment’s success into perspective. 

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Our Team


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build and grow their revolutionary businesses. Working with us, you enter a product-oriented environment where you’ll have a long-term impact on the shape of our client’s products and satisfaction with every step of their development.


We try to develop our hard and soft skills. We are a group of open-minded, proactive and passionate about the product and software development experts. Our mission is to build and grow revolutionary businesses. 

Tech Lead

We care about what we do, and how we do it is a reflection of our company values. These are not rules set in stone but rather the principles that guide us and can be found in our day-to-day actions.